Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ole Henriksen Blemish Attack

I will pretty much try any blemish reducer, zapper, or concealer known to man. It's so rare that one of these concoctions actually do what they're intended to do, which is to rid you of those pesky post-holiday (or anytime) blemishes.

I love overnight treatments. I'm happy to slather one on, catch up on bad reality TV the news and fall asleep in hopes of a clear complexion come morning. Sadly, most of these creams, gels, foams, etc. fall short of my lofty expectations.

Recently, after a lovely holiday break I returned to a mountain of work, pressure-inducing deadlines and stress reared its ugly head within days. My skin is the tell-all of my emotions. If I'm stressed you can see it as a mountain range forms on my forehead. So after reading a post on Lucky Magazine's website, detailing how Ole Henriksen's Blemish Attack Mask does wonders as a spot treatment, I decided to test it myself.

I'm so happy I scored the last tub in the store. It works beautifully as a spot treatment, reducing mountains to molehills in no time. And if I'm feeling particularly bumpy or shiny I'll put a thin layer on my face and go to sleep. I wash it off in the morning and the difference is remarkable.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

I wish everyone a happy and wonderful 2012!