Monday, July 12, 2010

See Spot Disappear

I have always been blessed with fairly clear skin.. that is, until recently. In the last year my skin has decided to go haywire. And of course it usually occurs right before I'm about to go to an event like a wedding or an important work function. We've all been through this scenario: wake up the day of said event, head to the bathroom to primp, look in the mirror and blink sleepily, hoping that horrific spot on your face is a dream, fully wake up to realize nope, it's an eruption, panic ensues. Not cute.

While there are tons of products out there now claiming to work overnight, it's truly unlikely it will be that quick to fully zap a newly formed pimple- sorry but that's the reality of it. However, with Sonya Dakar's Drying Potion, you can see a dramatic difference in just one night. That's all that can be asked, really. Reducing redness and swelling and drying-out the aforementioned spot is good enough for me.

This potion does just that. This is some serious stuff. During your beauty sleep this white lotion goes to work on imperfections, drying out the spot and making it much less noticeable by morning. A couple of nights worth of using this and you can expect clear skin instead of a fully formed pimple. It sort of tingles when you apply it, likely due to the menthol and peppermint oil (also the predominant aromas) and it dries to a powder-like form. Even if you toss and turn like I do, it stays on all night. Wash off in the morning and check out the handy work. I purchased this for $25 at my local beauty store and it's worth every penny. It's saved many a picture from post-event retouching.

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