Monday, September 27, 2010

London Calling

London Fashion Week has now wrapped up (I've been slow on posting due t0 a very busy work schedule) and Milan's shows are in full swing. And then Paris, which I'm very much looking forward to.

London's backstage trends did not deviate much from that of New York. There were bright pops of color, pretty natural beauty, and frizzy hair made another appearance.

Amongst the natural looks was Burberry Prorsum. I have not had the opportunity to try out any of Burberry's newly launched beauty line, but it looks pretty amazing. The backstage spread was quite impressive and the beautiful taupey eye combined with flawless skin and a nude lip was lovely. I'm even more inclined to try out a shadow or two after seeing this. The hair was simple, and easy- a straight look with a bit of volume and movement.

Christopher Kane was in the same vein with a simple and sweet look for hair and makeup. “I’m never into big hairdos, I like simple but beautiful looks. I feel the same about the makeup for the shows. So it’s not overly styled to soften up the severe colors in the clothes,” Kane said. Models were adorned with a peach blush, a thick defined brow, a touch of black liner along the upper lash line and a mauve shade that gave lips a just-kissed color. Soft waves were slicked backed at the sides to add a touch of glamour to the otherwise sweet look.

There were bright colors abound during the Issa show. The hot pinks and purples of the clothes were the standouts but the hair and makeup was just as eye-catching. The models' hair was put up into turbans (which we saw on the NY runways as well) and models who weren't turban-clad had hair structured to look like one. The hair was definitely the spotlight and the makeup merely a complement. Very wearable; the look was comprised of a traditional smoky eye and lots of liner and a pale nude lip.

Frizzy hair cropped up on the Topshop runway for their Unique show. This trend is being described as Grace Coddington hair (she is quite the style icon). Topshop featured a 70's hippie vibe. Voluminous frizz had pastel extensions added to bulk up hair and it looked super cute, too. The makeup was sassy as all get out: defined arches (brows, that is) and glossy red lips. Makeup artist Hannah Murray used Topshop’s own Lipstick Pencil in Flame and Gloss in Cardinal Sin.

I love Sass and Bide, they have always been a favorite of mine. And this collection is no exception; the clothes are just fantastic. So I just assumed the hair and makeup would be an immediate favorite as well. In actuality, I had to think this over before deciding that I did in fact like it. The makeup had me sold from the start, it was the hair I was hung up on. I love a quality top knot. In my long-hair days I was certainly a huge fan of piling my hair atop my head in a messy knot. I think my hold-out on falling for this was that I feel like the knot is just way too close to the front of the models' heads. It just looked off, but I'm looking past that knowing that I can easily recreate this look with a more centered bun. Rant over.

And lastly, this final look is not really wearable in the real world but I would have expected nothing less from Vivienne Westwood. With a look all her own, it was no surprise the models strutted down the runway with painted faces. Yes, you read that right. The models faces were splotched in shades of blue and green. You can file this one away as it would just be weird for us regular gals. However, the hair is completely wearable (and enviable). The soft waves looked touchably soft. I will be trying this on my own hair for sure.

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  1. I admit some of these outfits I just don't "get." But then again I'm wearing plaid shorts at the moment with a rip on the pocket, and a t shirt of my high school basketball team. So maybe I'm not the best judge.