Monday, November 22, 2010

Keratin Spray to the Rescue

Even though the warmer temperatures have made their exit, frizz is still a major concern of mine. Not to mention that with the dropping digits comes the dreaded static. Both can turn a good hair day into a hair catastrophe.

I am always on the hunt for a frizz-tamer that won't weigh my hair down, can subdue flyaways and protect my tresses from the heat torture I subject them to. If any of these apply to you, Sally Hershberger's Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray should be on your shopping list.

You can spritz on either damp or dry hair. I use it right out of the shower. It's a fantastic detangler. The keratin and silk extract help seal split ends (temporarily of course- only trims can fix split ends), and protect hair during heat styling. While I noticed a drastic reduction in frizz and flyaways, it doesn't eliminate them completely. I do really like that it's not heavy at all, even when applied generously.

The warm scent is tad heavy to begin with but fades as hair dries and leaves a nice fragrance lingering throughout the day. The Super Keratin Spray has helped decrease styling time when I decide to blow-dry and helps extend the life of a blowout (who doesn't love that?). For the days when I'm feeling pressed for time and let my hair air-dry, it drastically reduces frizz and helps my natural curls/wave take shape.

For $12 this is a super buy, and I'll definitely be keeping this in my regular rotation. As you can see, I've used a good amount already.

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