Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tarte Yourself Up

(Lively-hot pink/matte)

(Lust-bright red)

(top: Lust, bottom: Lively)

I know there are throngs of lipgloss fans, I am not among them. Gloss is sticky, my hair gets stuck in it and it's just not my style. Lipstick is definitely better in my book, but can feel fussy at times. But I do love a good lip color and with all the fun new colors that are here for spring I need something...better. Tarte has the answer with their LipSurgence natural lip tints (regular gel and matte formulas).

These chubby, crayon-like sticks are phenomenal. The fat, pencil design is perfect for grab and go. And application is pretty simple, even without the aid of a mirror or other reflective surface (come on, we've all applied makeup using a window). You can't really miss with one of these.

LipSurgence claims to increase lip's moisture by an astonishing 6000% in 28 days. While I certainly don't buy that kind of improvement, they are incredibly moisturizing. Even the matte formula packs some serious moisturizing power. They taste like a delicious peppermint treat and wear beautifully. The gel formula has a bit less wear time than its matte mate. I wore Lust out to lunch and by the end of my goat cheese salad, it was completely gone. Fortunately, they are perfect for toting along anywhere, so I just reapplied and was good to go. The matte formulas are highly pigmented and hold up much better during a meal.

I certainly plan on adding a few more of these to my arsenal. You can purchase here

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  1. Your lips are pretty enough that you don't need lipgloss.