Monday, February 7, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Looking tired is pretty terrible. The only thing worse is when people say "Wow, you look tired." It's the nice way of saying "Hey you look like garbage." Sadly, looking tired is how it goes a lot of the time. Try as I might, there are some days I just can't cover it up. There is only so much you can do to look refreshed outside of getting a solid eight hours of sleep (which sounds delightful, but oh so tough to do).

My go-to product for looking full of life, like I got some actual rest, is blush. Looking like you have a natural flush makes you look perky and ready for the day or night. My new favorite is Chanel's Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Fuchsia.

Winter has made my already other-worldly, pasty skin an even whiter shade of pale. It's almost scary. This blush gives a gorgeous, springy glow to my skin and brightens up my entire face. It's so damn cute too, open up the gorgeously shiny black compact to expose the blush which is made to look guessed it....tweed. And it does. It's both colored and textured to look like the fabric. But the best part is that the mixture of dark and light pink is the perfect combination to give an I-just-took-a-stroll-around-the-block glow. The shimmer is super subtle and doesn't look glittery at all. A couple of quick swipes to each cheek along with some mascara and you're set.

I'm sad this was a limited edition product (it's still available in other shades), so obviously I'll be holding onto this like Golam does his precious. Yep, it's that good. Seriously, I walked into work the other day to several co-workers saying "You look so pretty, are you wearing blush?" Why yes I am, and despite the fact that probably means the rest of the time I look half-dead, I took the compliment and went about my day and secretly noted that I need to wear this blush every day from now on.


  1. what a beautiful color! I think i need to go get that...

  2. It's amazing! I highly recommend it. Love Chanel, I just can't help myself.