Monday, February 28, 2011

In Bloom

I've talked about my affinity obsession for blush before. I love it all. But a good cream blush makes you look instantly healthier. It provides an ultra-flattering and natural looking flush along with a creamy dewiness that a powder blush just can't create.

Smashbox's Spring Collection has a cream cheek duo (blushing/peony) that is just amazing! Both colors are gorgeous. Blushing is a peachy-pink that will be suitable for my less-than-tan complexion year-round and Peony is deeper pink that will undoubtedly be perfect in the summer when I'm looking sunnier (by way of faux tan, of course). Mixed together the color is stunning. So there you have it, two equally pretty colors that are wonderful alone and just as gorgeous when mixed together. Smashbox has taken all the work out of blending the perfect shade.

Blush in cream form has numerous advantages, and application is one of them. It couldn't be easier. With powder blush you need a brush, with cream you can brush it on (I recommend a stippling brush) or use your fingers. The heat from your hands will help melt the product just enough for a smooth application. If you've applied foundation, cream blush can be applied much more seamlessly. You'll look delicately flushed, instead of feverish and there will be no tell-tale blush lines.

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