Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brushing Up

Elizabeth Arden, this name conjures up images of the red door....and my mom. But Arden isn't just your mom's makeup company anymore. I recently received EA's new Face Powder Brush and I'll never let go.

The brush is so soft, I imagine it's what it would feel like to put makeup on with a cloud. It picks up the perfect amount of powder and the angle of the brush takes all the work out of the application process. I've never really been a big fan of brushes but I think that's mostly because I was using those cheapie drugstore versions that feel like sandpaper after the second use, not to mention the extreme shedding of the thick black hairs, gross. Why did I use those? After growing up and realizing that not all brushes are created equal, this one made its way into my life and so did the little mini-me that comes with it.

The mini face brush's softness is matched by its convenience. It's super-small and folds in half. Folded together you can use this brush as you would the regular-sized one and unfold it, now you have a handy little blush brush. Toss it in your bag for any post-work, pre-drinks touch ups. And both brushes are easily cleaned up with soap and water. Even a brushophobe like myself has found happiness with Elizabeth Arden.

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