Thursday, March 10, 2011

Diptyque Patchouli

(Diptyque Patchouli candle from, gorgeous handmade purple scarf-the lovely and talented Tracie)

Home fragrances can be so cliche. There are few smells more nauseating than the artificial vanilla fragrance added to so many of the candles, sprays and diffusers out there. So what's a nose to do?

When I get home after a long day being exposed to all the smells (some of which are incredibly unpleasant) of the world, I want to be enveloped in a beautiful, comforting scent. I don't need to have my olfactory sense assaulted. I'm utterly obsessed with fragrance, I adore it in all of it's forms (when done correctly). I have about a trillion scented candles, room sprays and diffusers all over my home. If the apocalypse hits, I can light an entire city block with my candles.

At the moment, my great love is Diptyque. The artfully crafted candles are truly in a class all their own. Each scent is intense and multi-layered, but by no means overwhelming. The wax just looks super-luxe and burns incredibly clean. I'm madly in love with the Patchouli scent. It's musky, earthy and oh-so-sultry. If I could take this candle with me everywhere I go, I would. Sadly, that would be weird, right? Or would it? Celebrities do it.

These candles last for what seems like forever and there is no artificial, sickening sweetness to be found. Just pure goodness that makes your entire apartment smell so delightful you'll find yourself trying to catch a whiff as you pass from room to room. Simply put, Diptyque makes amazing candles. No wonder I'm not the only obsessed fan.


  1. I like fake vanilla smells. But I also love this candle.

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