Friday, May 7, 2010

Seeing Red

The perfect red pout is an elusive creature. Red lips are classic, glamorous and never go out of style. And there are numerous styles to choose from. You can go shiny, glossy, sheer, try a stain, and, of course, the latest craze (and my personal favorite): matte red.

Everyone talks about the "right" way to choose a red lipstick. There are no hard and fast rules; it's more about trial and error. Yes, if you're fair, a more blue-based red tends to work better, however, that shouldn't stop you from trying one of the season's hottest coral-reds. A red lip is all about fearlessness. Don't let the rules hold you back from finding your perfect color.

Hair color, eye color, and skin tone certainly always play a part in shade selection, but don't feel like you have to count something out because you saw somewhere that tomato reds are not for redheads. Try it, you may just find it's your new favorite.

A few great ones to try are:

Russian Red, Lady Danger and Lady Bug by MAC
Jungle Red and Shanghai Express by NARS
Poppy Lipstick Queen has a red that comes in sheer, opaque and gloss form.
Star Red by YSL
Rouge Allure in Dragon by Chanel
True Red by Revlon
Moisture Renew Red Alert by Rimmel

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