Friday, August 12, 2011

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof doesn't disappoint

I know I've beaten the metaphorical purple horse to death on this blog. It's my favorite color, ok? If I were you, I would expect to see more of it and probably in the near future. Purple in all its variations is almost always featured as an it shade. Lucky for me!

Black eyeliner is a beauty staple, sure, but sometimes it's not the best choice for a 9 am staff meeting unless of course you're Courtney Love, in which case you probably wouldn't have 9 am staff meetings. Chanel came out with Cassis, a deep plum, as part of their Stylo Yeux Waterproof collection. Voila! Daywear that is ever so slightly sassy.

A dilemma that plagues me is eyeliner that disappears within an hour or slides down my eye during the course of the day leaving me looking like I slept in my makeup despite having just started my day. Neither is good. I find that waterproof is really my only option that can withstand the 9-5 . Chanel's waterproof liner is not only that but also smudge-proof. This liner just won't quit (the last photo is after running my hand under water and drying with a paper towel). Love this stuff. The only downside is sometimes it lasts a little too long. I committed a makeup sin and slept in my eye makeup, and then next morning I had a reddish tint in the corners of my eyes. After a momentary freak out, I realized it was just the eyeliner. Whew. Moral of this story, always take off your makeup before bed.


  1. Sounds like a dream come true already!
    Loving that shade too! :)

    <3 Dee

  2. Dee, this eyeliner is easily one of my favorites. It's a great alternative to black. Their other colors are pretty amazing too! The jade color will be next purchase.