Monday, August 8, 2011

CLEAN Original Deodorant

I've always liked the idea of the CLEAN line. Who doesn't enjoy a shower fresh scent? And from a single soapy fragrance sprang an entire line which recently includes deodorant. Admittedly, it piqued my interest. However, I have been pretty happy using my clinical strength Secret.

On a particularly stiflingly hot day, I happened to be in the vicinity of the Sephora on Broadway. This place is always a madhouse, but I figured mid-afternoon on a Wednesday in July wouldn't be terrible. Wrong. The same girl bumped into me several times, I don't really know how we kept connecting in every single aisle. Anyway, I was on a mission. I wanted to try the CLEAN deodorant (actually, I needed it after walking several blocks in the sun). After wandering a bit, I found what I was looking for and as luck would have it they had one open for "testing." I use that word loosely because I seriously hope no one is applying the test deodorant in Sephora. Ewww. But I was able to smell it, which next to keeping me dry is the other determining factor. It has to smell good, amazing really, especially with an $18 price tag. I picked up the Warm Cotton and took a sniff, and I was instantly in love. You're probably looking at my photos thinking the package does not say Warm Cotton, instead it reads CLEAN Original.

Oh Sephora, I love you. But why oh why would you put a different fragrance behind the tester? I immediately grabbed the sealed package behind the tester (foolishly) assuming it was the same thing I had just smelled. Sadly, once I paid and ran out the door- not to mention the fact I opened it and applied instantly- I was slightly disappointed to find I had purchased the wrong fragrance. All was not lost though, I needed deodorant and if nothing else, it fit the bill in that department.

CLEAN Original is a very soapy-smelling fragrance with citrus notes. All in all, it's certainly not unpleasant. I would have much preferred to have gotten it right with the Warm Cotton (which hopefully I will be reviewing soon). But this one would at least let me test out the wetness fighting capabilities. Overall, it's not anything life-altering. It does not completely stop you from sweating but to be fair it's not an antiperspirant. It does, however, help reduce wetness and doesn't have any of the nasty chemicals you might find in other deodorants. It's free of aluminum, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil and artificial colors/dyes.

I won't be purchasing this again as it's a little too expensive for a simple deodorant. I think I'll just stick with my good old standby, Secret.

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  1. Man $18 is more than I've spent on deodorant... in my whole life!