Sunday, June 6, 2010


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I had been in and out of Lush stores many times over the past few years. I almost never spent much time in there due to overwhelming crowds and the occasional overly-aggressive salesperson who wanted to tell me the entire history of each product.

I have found my rhythm with them. I frequent one of their outposts that never gets too crowded and most of the salespeople now know I am on a mission when I walk in and leave me to it. Lush has AMAZING products. I have become obsessed with all things Karma. The Karma soap is one of the absolute best soaps I've come across. It has a fantastic patchouli scent that is not cloying at all and will linger on your skin for hours after you've showered. Another obsession is the Karma bubble bar, which has the same incredible scent, but you drop it in a bath and it bubbles up and makes the bath water a sweet orange tint. So relaxing! You get multiple uses out of the bath bars by breaking them into pieces. Trust me, you don't need an entire one. And finally, the Karma fragrance (solid and liquid form) is perfect if you want the scent with you for longer than just a shower or bath. I'm guessing you probably will.

Another of my favorites at Lush is their "Emotibombs." I refer to them as shower bombs. For those of you without a tub or who just prefer showers, these are perfect. "Sex in the Shower" is my favorite of the scents. It's a heady jasmine mixed with rose and other florals. It's perfect for relaxing after a long day. "Up You Gets" is citrusy and has a wake-me-up-feeling. Their "Double Fast Luck" is only out during the holidays and has the signature Karma scent. I suggest stocking up on these because once you use one, you won't want to shower without them.

Visit Lush for more info and to scope out their other products.

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  1. I am a big fan of the (charmingly named) "Too Drunk To F**k" emotibomb. I know it's designed for people with hangovers, but it's soothing even if you're at 100%.

    I have not seen it in the store for a while, although it is still on their website.