Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I have read countless reviews, mostly raving, about Aveda's Shampure shampoo. It's constantly being talked about in the beauty and fashion communities. A long standing "editor's choice," Shampure has been given Allure's Editor's Choice Award; it's also among editor's picks at Marie Claire and Elle. So why haven't I tried this?

Well, while out the other weekend, I stopped into the Aveda store. After perusing a bit - and being stalked by an overly-aggressive salesperson - I decided I would finally try this hyped shampoo. I am glad I did. I love it. I'm a marketer's dream; I mean really, I will buy a variation of a product that I've used for years simply because it comes in a new color, flavor, scent, etc. But I'm a little picky about shampoos, which is probably why I haven't fallen under the spell until now.

Despite my own proclamations of having thick hair, I've been told by several hairstylists that while I have a ton of hair, each individual strand is very fine. This shampoo does not weigh it down, rinses away easily and makes my hair shiny and manageable. And, of course, let's talk about the scent, which is so wildly popular that Aveda makes a candle as well. I find it very reminiscent of baby shampoo, which I love. It's nostalgic with a bit of earthy floral mixed in.

Aveda lists this as being for all hair types. I have to agree as mine is colored, fine and can be frizzy at times - a little bit of everything, I suppose. I love the results so far.

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  1. I used this today for the first time. You know what else I smelled? Marshmallows. Like when you first open a fresh bag.