Monday, October 25, 2010

Better-Looking Skin with Fresh Wear

Why is it that the things we truly love to do are those that are the first to be neglected when we're short of time, stressed, or just otherwise occupied? It's human nature I suppose. But it seems we are missing the point, don't you think? If that is the case, I often miss said point. I have unintentionally, and sadly, neglected this blog due to a crazy life schedule. And while I realize I do not have a multitude of readers, those who loyally follow have been left without updated content, and my razor-sharp wit (well, maybe not the last bit). So, I apologize.

I truly love the world of beauty. It honestly makes me incredibly happy to share my knowledge and sometimes lack thereof with all of you. It's an adventure testing out something new and to have a platform on which to share my thoughts and hopefully help a fellow lover of products. It is pretty amazing when I take the time to think about it. In effect, I'm hoping this is the proverbial swift kick in the pants I need to update more often and bring a little happiness via beauty products and advice my way and yours, too.

Sappiness aside, companies are churning out the new products left and right. It's hard to keep up sometimes. I got Lancome's Teint Idole Fresh Wear in Ivoire (1C) about a month ago and it's been sitting in my bathroom cabinet ever since. My skin has been experiencing technical difficulties the last couple of months (otherwise read as adult acne). I have been trying everything to clear it up, including- horror of all horrors- not wearing foundation, powder or concealer. This was an attempt to keep my pores clear and in theory stop breakouts before they started. My plan was much better in theory than in actuality. Yet I continued to go without covering up my current blemishes, and a few more made their way to the surface. How does that happen, you ask. To be honest, I just have no clue. No pore clogging makeup should equal beautiful clear skin, no?

So in an act of rebellion and kiss-off to my imperfect skin, I busted out the Teint Idole. It's a matte formula, which is great because my skin is oily. It claims a touch-up free, full 18 hour wear time. Boy does this baby keep on truckin. It goes on very smooth, almost like an incredibly light lotion (the consistency is thin, but not runny) and glides on easily. A few quick swipes with my hands, although I'm sure you could use a foundation brush as well, and my skintone was completely evened out, current blemishes masterfully camoflagued, and oil slicks gone. I haven't really had it on for 18 hours yet, it's been more like 12 and it's holding up quite nicely. Nary a shiny spot in sight, and my unsightly blemishes are still hidden.

This particular formula also boasts an SPF 15 sunscreen. Hooray! I can't tell you how often I forget to put some on in the mornings. I know, I know, I should practice what I preach. But with this little baby I'm covered, literally. It's also oil-free, actually oil-free, because it's non-comedogenic. Yes, dear friends, there are oil-free products out there that don't really mean oil-free. This one speaks the truth. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for good coverage with a light feel, and an extremely lengthy wear.

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