Monday, October 11, 2010

We'll Always Have Paris

Paris just has that (cliche alert) je ne sais quoi. It's one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and host to a myriad of top name designers. With powerhouse shows like YSL, Dior and Chanel, it is without a doubt an intense week.

Pretty, natural-looking makeup ruled many a runway in Paris. This is exactly how I want to look when I get ready for work in the morning. I want to look fresh, wide-eyed and just a little more done than my natural look. The color palettes were mostly comprised of neutrals.

Balmain went minimalist with smoothed out complexions and not much else. A little highlighter was used on the eyes to brighten them up, but really the epitome of no makeup.


Stella McCartney was also in neutral territory with a swipe of light, rosy blush, lightly glossed lips and no mascara. Easy, right? Sure is! Who doesn't have a little blush and gloss in their makeup bag? And this is such an easy look for those groggy mornings when it's still dark out and you have to be out the door in 15 minutes.

(Stella McCartney)

Chloe went for a bronzy-neutral. A monochromatic look at its best. No further explanation needed for this one. It's simple and stunning.


My favorite looks came from Lanvin and Valentino. Both shows adorned models with soft, muted colors and minimal overall amounts of makeup. But the lashes, oh the lashes. False lashes were the standouts here and boy did they stand out (Lanvin used two sets). Your eyes are immediately drawn to lengthy lashes that make the model's eyes as big as saucers. I'm in love.

A few months ago, for the first time, I wore false lashes. They are truly amazing. My eyes instantly popped and suddenly there wasn't much need for a ton of other makeup. They are glamourous and sultry without being overwhelming. It's certainly not something you want to do everyday, but it is something every girl needs to try.



And then there were the shows with color, and lots of it. Spanish company Loewe has been cranking out the beautiful looks via their short films on their website and their print ads, and their runway show was just as gorgeous. Bright green and purple shadows shared the spotlight with crimson-colored pouts.

(Loewe-both images)

Updated, sassy pin-up girl was the inspiration for Dior. Creamy, punched-up shades of pink, green, blue and yellow colored models' lids and a thin line of liquid black liner extending beyond the lash line added to the dramatic effect. The bold colors didn't stop there; the look was finished off with a red lip color with just a hint of orange. The creator of the look, Pat McGrath, put it best, describing it as "Technicolor Bettie Page".

(Dior-both images)

YSL's makeup was more fall than spring in my opinion, but beautiful just the same. Models' brows were bleached and skin kept bare to highlight the berry-colored mouth. I don't recommend going the bleached route, it's a little alien looking off the catwalk. But I do suggest trying a wine-colored lipstick.


Chanel. Chanel creates makeup-induced frenzies on a regular basis. Staggeringly so. Every season they create a nail polish color that is an instant sellout. This season it's the, as of now, not released Black Pearl. I'm anxiously awaiting the status of it's availability, as I'm sure countless others are.

But what really did it for me was the stormy, emerald eye color. Leave it to Chanel to create a perfect, smoky eye. Green shadow is one of my favorites. Green for eyes has always been a winner in general. A forest green eyeliner is a great way to step outside the predictable black liner routine. And a smoky green eye produces the same effect. This is definitely wearable, although I would suggest toning it down a bit for daytime (and not going all the way up to the brow bone). This may even surpass, dare I say it, the navy smoky eye I loved so much from Armani. I think it might.

(Chanel-both images)

And just because I like it, this is the nail from the Alexander McQueen show.

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  1. I admit I don't like the color green, but those green eyes really creep me out.

  2. i love the minimal makeup at the first three - they are so beautifully simple

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