Friday, October 15, 2010

We'll Always Have Paris Pt. 2

Most runway hair styles are near impossible to recreate. However, this season I've seen some incredibly beautiful and (more importantly) wearable styles. Braids are back! Whether you prefer a neat, traditional braid, or sexy and messy I-slept-in-my-braid style, the perfect plait is out there.

Hermes and Valentino went traditional and extremely long. This is an easy and pretty look that anyone can do even if you don't have ridiculously long hair. You can either work with wet hair or you can blowdry it straight and then braid. Either way, minimal effort is required.

To be filed under the not-for-anyone category is the braided, basket weave hair from Alexander McQueen. Seriously, how long did it take to do one model's hair? Yikes. And let's just imagine how long it took to undo the crazy weave. Honestly, I get annoyed when I have to take more than 5 bobby pins that have been fused to my head with hairspray out of my hair; this would be a nightmare. So while it's interesting and certainly in the McQueen vein, it is not meant for regular wear.

Chloe's bun was sleek and understated. While a lot of the chignons from the runway were made fuller by extensions, this one can be done minus the fake hair. The low, tight twist looks elegant and sophisticated. I will definitely be wearing this ballerina-inspired style come spring.

Another pretty updo was from the YSL show. I love the rolled-up twist. However, I would mangle this style and possibly my hair trying to recreate it. Maybe I'll leave this one to the professionals. But if you're a pro at styling your own hair, this is worth a try. This would be gorgeous for a wedding. I, for sure, would have copied this look for my sister's wedding had I seen it back in July.

Dior's updated pin-up theme was apparent. Soft, loose curls and rounded bangs screamed saucy. I'm a huge fan but to make it more wearable and work-appropriate I'll be leaving the bangs behind. But I'm all over those curls. You can't help but release your inner siren with hair like this.

And finally, Lanvin. I have fallen hard for the simple, out of the shower styles from this season. My heart was aflutter from the sexy, semi-sweaty look from Rag and Bone and Lanvin is feeding the beast as well. When it's hot out I find it rather pointless to dry my hair, which in turn makes me sweat, and then I wind up with damp hair again and frizz. Ew. This low slung ponytail is something you can do right out of the shower and it's so incredibly chic. Add a little product to control frizz while hair air drys, and a little shine spray or gel to keep the glossy look of wet hair and you're good to go. Done and done, thank you Paris.

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