Monday, October 4, 2010

Hair in Milan

I'm not very adept at creating a style for my hair. It comes down to the choice of up or down. Plus, I'm in the process of growing it out, so right now there is not a whole hell of a lot I can do other than let it do its own thing. Typically "its own thing" is somwhere between curly and wavy, and occasionally unruly. Such is life.

Of course every model coming down the runways in Milan had perfect hair. But to be fair, they had help from some serious hair geniuses (Guido Palau, Sam McKnight, Luigi Mureno). However, several of these styles are doable at home. Take the hair from the Bottega Veneta show; I would LOVE if I could get my hair to look like this after showering. Perfect loose ringlets and waves with a slightly damp look to them, I'm coveting this and will try at length to make my hair look similar.

The hair for the Gucci show was a modified twist and was so elegant. I'm sure this took a massive amount of extensions for both length and volume. Honestly, unless you've been genetically blessed with a healthy head of thick, long hair, this will be tough to recreate. I've tried twists in the past and I always end up with errant flyaways scattered through my twist. End result= not polished, and that is so not the point. So, all you long-haired ladies can try this, but I'll be sitting this one out (at least until I have another 6 inches of hair to work with).

Jil Sander also went with an updo, a beautifully undone bun. If we're getting technical, these gals probably had some extensions in as well, however, this is something that is easier to pull off sans fake hair. I love the roughed up texture and little wisps that make this hairstyle less buttoned-up.

A look that is really only runway appropriate is that of the Prada show. A very strong, slicked finger-wave in front and a bun or multiple buns in the back. While it's beautiful, it's not at all pratical. And unless you're going to a Halloween party as a flapper or Princess Leia it's just a little over-the-top.

Last but certainly not least was the hair from Versace. The hair was pulled taut into a bun, glossed to a high shine and then the bun was covered with a shiny piece of patent PVC and secured with an elastic. Certainly worth trying for the holidays or a dressy event in the fall or winter months. Don't you think?

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  1. The PVC buns at Versace were amazing! Very exciting look

  2. It was such a fun detail. And you could definitely try it in other colors, I'm thinking this would be good for the holidays!

  3. i really like the last idea - its so chic yet do-able :) i feel like i couldn't mess that up!

  4. oooh i want to be able to do the perfect bun like that
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