Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not-So-Hidden Treasure

As any crazy nail polish fan (yes, I am one) should admit, you searched for Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure. Honestly, it was just that. I never found that elusive, highly-coveted, often talked-about limited-edition shade. It was supposed to go over your regular polish and it give an other-worldly look. After a few weeks of scouring every drugstore, beauty store, and Target, I gave up.

And then I happened upon Inglot (you can read about my other find here). Polishes as far as the eye could see, and my eye went straight to the iridescent flake polishes. I picked them up one by one, inspecting carefully, looking to see how each caught the light and which colors reflected the most. I decided on #202. In the bottle the liquid appears peachy-nude, but when applied it's more clear, with flakes that shine in shades of red, green and gold.

I have not tried this on its own yet. But on top of regular polish it creates a beautiful beetle effect. I put it over the OPI Russian Navy Matte with spectacular results. Inglot has several flake polishes, I'll have to try out the others as well. I think I hit the jackpot on this one and ladies, Inglot's polishes are not limited-edition so feel free to pick up a bottle at your own pace.


  1. And I promise all you readers, The Beauty Beat not finding Hidden Treasure was not for lack of looking.

  2. I remember the hunt for Hidden Treasure. I searched for weeks and stalked many Walgreens. I'm sure many drugstore employees thought I was nuts. I did manage to find it eventually. I'm glad you found an alternative. The Inglot looks great! I love these types of flakies over light colors too.

  3. Lucky lady! I definitely love Inglot and will try out their other flake polishes. I haven't used it over a light color yet, I'll have to test it out!