Monday, May 2, 2011

Russian Navy Matte

OPI's Russian Navy has a loyal following. I have not used the regular version, so I can only speak on its matte counterpart, which I adore. It contains no shimmer.

Like most matte polishes, this one dries lightning fast. You have to work quickly and with serious control otherwise any mistakes will be visible. I only used two coats and had no streaks or sheer spots. The color is a beautiful flat blue, a true navy. In some light it looks almost black with a blue sheen.

I love matte polishes, I think they are incredibly chic. Some people miss the glossy shine, not me. The only complaint I have about this polish is the shorter wear time. OPI hangs a tag on each of its matte polishes stating its shorter wear time, but due to the fact this dries super-fast, touch ups are a breeze. And if you really miss the shiny look you can layer with another polish.


  1. Loving this dark blue hue, a perfect alternative to black!
    xo Lynzy

  2. ack! i want this NOW!!! so gorgeous and chic! i love it! :D

  3. Lynzy- it's a nice change from black. I've always been a big fan of navy, it's so wearable for everyone.

    Coffretgorge- definitely get a bottle, it's so worth it! Try the other matte colors too, they are great.