Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Living Proof has Restored my faith in hair care

There is no shortage of high-end hair care products out there. With simple shampoos and conditioner prices climbing well into the double digits, and some even reaching astronomical heights hovering around $100, where do you plunk down your hard-earned cash?

I've always felt the need to try the slightly pricier shampoos, conditioners and masks because I grew up using Pert (the shampoo/conditioner combo). Once I hit middle school I scraped together my allowance to get Aussie and Salon Selectives products. Still, I was only in the drugstore realm. Then I was introduced to lines like Bumble and Bumble and Moroccanoil. I justified the expense with the fact that my hair was being taken care of. Was it really? What was my shampoo and conditioner doing to protect my hair from the daily torture sessions I made it endure?

Living Proof has come out with some pretty great products. Not to mention they were created by a team of MIT scientists. And when they released their Restore line, I knew it would be in my bathroom in no time. I did want to try it first, and typically LP has mini-bottles of their products. No such luck this time. I took a risk and purchased the big bottles of both the shampoo and conditioner. No cheap feat. But how can you put a price tag on gorgeous, healthy hair?

I've done everything to my poor strands from blow-drying to flat ironing to coloring. And I've been doing these unspeakable horrors to my hair for years....years! I figured that if these products didn't work it would be a bit of an expensive mistake... but if they did work... well, then they probably could have charged me double and I wouldn't blink an eye.

After three days of using the Restore set, my hair is noticeably smoother and more manageable. I can let it air-dry without it becoming a frizzy, broken-hair-free-for-all. Whether or not it can turn back the clocks to its original, pre-messed-with state is yet to be seen. But for now, it's definitely putting my hair into the best shape it's been in years. That's saying something.


  1. Yet another reason to never wear a Yankees hat. Talk about a torture session.

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  3. For sure! The right shampoo and conditioner makes a huge difference!

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