Monday, October 24, 2011

Diptyque Patchouli Room Spray

If you've read my blog before, you know I'm a fan of Diptyque Patchouli. I wrote about their candle here. Then in August I found their Patchouli room spray. How could I resist? Seriously, I was hugging it in the store.

A lot of room sprays tend to be overpowering or smell completely artificial, to the point of nausea. When I find a good one, I stock up. I hadn't used Diptyque's room spray before, so one bottle was enough for the experimental phase. And the bottle is huge, so I wasn't concerned I would run out after a few uses.

On a particularly warm evening, my living room was smelling a little ripe so I decided to give the patchouli spray a go. I spritzed three times in different areas of the room. It took about two minutes for me to realize that was a mistake. Way too much! I had to hide out in the bedroom and wait for it to dissipate. Fortunately, I learned a very valuable and cost effective lesson: with Diptyque, one spritz is enough for a whole room.

After I learned to control my over-zealous spraying, I found this is quite possibly the best room spray. It lasts FOREVER and smells amazing. It fills an entire room (again one spray only). It's certainly not cheap, but it's so high-quality and will last an incredibly long time. If you like home sprays, I suggest you try Diptyque.


  1. I have lousy olfactory senses, but the three sprays of this overwhelmed me like nothing since the time I was in a teargas cloud at a football game. However, when it's just the one spray it's quite pleasant.

  2. this sounds heavenly! i am a sucker for these kinds of things i will have to check it out :) xo

  3. Diana: I'm a sucker for this stuff too! Diptyque stuff is so high-quality and will last forever. Definitely check it out.

    Coury: This scent is so delicious! Especially if you're a patchouli fan.

  4. If you love fashion :