Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Temptu Retouch Blush

Convenience is always a key factor in beauty products, especially in the mornings. We all want to look good before walking out the door but we also want that extra 15 minutes of sleep.

I can't say I'm one of those people who wake up looking good. Actually, sometimes I might actually resemble a zombie with dark bags under my eyes, tangled up hair and a pale complexion void of a healthy, living glow. And more often than not, I'm like a tornado tearing through my apartment trying to get out the door on time. When things need to get cut out of my routine, it's time consuming beauty steps.

Blush is an absolute must for me. I usually go with powder blush since it's simple and a quick swipe with a fluffy brush and I'm good to go. Liquid blush has real staying power but it can be a bit of pain with application and blending and building up color to the desired vibrancy. Well, Temptu has taken all the work out of liquid blush.

This handy little contraption has a built-in brush for easy application and blending. Simply push the button on the bottom to dispense the color (one is enough for both cheeks). Swipe on and blend away for a sheer wash of beautiful, long-lasting, natural color. I picked up two, one in Blushing Coral (shown above) and one in Hot Pink. Sephora has these babies on sale for $15 each; you can get the same deal on Temptu's site as well. Go now!

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