Friday, November 18, 2011

Fragrance Friday: HEELEY Hippie Rose

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I love roses. I always have. They remind me of my childhood. We had a white picket fence in front of our house and three beautiful rose bushes along the fence line. When we moved, I dug them up and transported them to the new house, that's how much I loved them.

How many times have you sniffed a rose fragrance and found it to be a little too old smelling? For me it's been far too many. I don't like watered down rose scents, or the ones that make you smell like you've been with grandma all day (no offense to the all the grannies out there). I want something that actually smells like roses warmed by sunshine on a summer day. HEELEY Hippie Rose delivers that and more.

Notes: Bergamot, green moss, Bulgarian rose, patchouli, incense, Haitian vetiver, amber and musk.

This perfume is modern and sensual. Initially smelling solely of pure rose, it dries down to sheer perfection with each note mingling effortlessly. To call the dry-down sweet is wrong, there is something ethereal about it. It becomes part of your skin, your own natural smell. I wasn't ready for this perfume when I chose it but I knew I would adore it from the moment I put it on. Even if you're not a rose fan, I suggest you try this one. It's irresistible.

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