Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Search for a New Scent

Fragrance is deeply personal, at least to me. I feel connected to each fragrance I wear. Tons of my memories are tied to scent, so much so that a familiar smell is able to bring on feelings of deja vu instantly. I connect other people to scents as well, some good and others not so good.

I need to feel something deeper for a fragrance other than simply liking it. I used to be a one-scent gal, but these days I like to change things up from time to time but all of the scents in heavy rotation are things that I adore. I gravitate to musky, subtly sexy scents where a little goes a long way. I'm sucker for anything patchouli. And for each person it's different. The process of choosing a scent is different, the emotion it evokes, the way your choice makes you feel, all uniquely different.

Some people parade their fragrance around, allowing the world to smell it while others hold it close to themselves like a secret. I do not enjoy the overpowering, I-just-doused-myself-in-perfume-instead-of-showering, subway-clearing assault of the olfactory sense that some insist on doing. Even after you've adjusted to your perfume, trust me, the rest of the living population can still smell it. Fragrance instead should gently waft, and before you're able to put your finger on it, it's gone.

I'm taking you along on a personal adventure with me. I'll be testing and comparing lots of scents in hopes of finding a new smell that is just, well, perfect.

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