Friday, November 11, 2011

Fragrance Friday: BLOOD Concept B

Last week I reviewed BLOOD Concept's O; this week it's B. I'm enamored with the uniqueness that surrounds these perfumes. I knew I would like B as soon as I saw one of its notes is patchouli. I might be a little obsessed. But all the notes combined to create this perfect scent that I can only describe as home-y.

Notes: Apple, black cherry, artemisia, pepper, pomegranate, black tea, patchouli, teak wood and metallic notes

These scents are touted as being unisex, and while I'm not really sure I would enjoy either O or B on a man, B is decidedly more "masculine." It's spicy, a little seductive and just beautiful. It wears strong throughout the day. As it softens, a touch of sweetness comes out leaving the initial woodiness to take the backseat. The fruit notes are not sticky sweet, and the metallic notes are so subtle I barely noticed them.

I am loving this fragrance and a little sad I will be moving on tomorrow to my next one. Only time will tell if BLOOD Concept's B is the last man standing.

Next up: HEELEY Hippie Rose


  1. This packaging freaks me out.

  2. The spray bottles aren't as strange looking.