Monday, October 17, 2011

Nails Inc. Holographic Glitter

Nails Inc. has had quite a fan-base for some time now. Just recently, we were lucky enough to have the company hit the States. Sephora is the exclusive carrier of the polishes. The line boasts a wide array of colors, glitters, and top coats.

Everyone I've spoken to has already fallen in love with Nails Inc. Not to mention they now have magnetic polish (can't wait to try these)! I spotted the holographic glitter top coat the second I walked in: just look at the box, you can't miss it.

I put two coats over a dark, forest green and while it's not really holographic it does sparkle something fierce. The glitter pieces are extremely fine and go on smoothly. This top coat will be perfect come the holidays! I highly recommend trying it if you like a little sparkle.

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