Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Boscia Does It Again

Not many face products can provide the instant gratification of a peel-off mask. Boscia (preservative-free, botanically-based skincare) just introduced its Luminizing Black Mask. As any marketer's dream would, I went out and purchased this immediately. Apparently, I am in good company with all the other product junkies out there, as this is sold out on Boscia's site and currently only available at Sephora (where I purchased mine).

This black goop is wonderful. I'm a huge fan so far. The product is a tar-colored, grease-like liquid. It's recommended you apply so that the color is opaque. While there have been complaints it takes a lot of product to cover your face, I didn't have that problem. The inky mask dried in about 20 minutes (standard drying time). And then the real fun begins. Lots of reviews have stated this product is difficult to peel off, again I did not have that problem. I started at the bottom of my face near my chin and pulled off in several pieces. It tugs a little but what face mask that is supposed to remove impurities and other general ickiness doesn't? It feels similar to pulling off a Band-Aid, not great but certainly not horrible.

It sounds kind of gross, but seeing the dead skin and little blemishes on the other side of the mask (very visible with the black coloring) is oddly satisfying. And indeed my skin looked more luminous afterwards. It was also significantly smoother. Boscia, you had me at blotting papers, but you've definitely solidified a place in my heart with the Luminizing Black Mask. You can get yours here.

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  1. Aw, I wanted to see a picture of you wearing the "mask"!