Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Talk To The Tan

While away on vacation I actually got to spend some time in the sun (wearing sunscreen, of course). And I even managed to develop a little bit of a tan, woo hoo. I am, however, really careful about not getting too much sun on my face.

When I got back and realized I was a few shades lighter on my face, I broke out my bottle of Benefit's Talk to the Tan. This sheer bronzing tint is a life saver. Squeeze a dime-size amount out of the bottle and spread all over your face. Be sure to work quickly so you don't get any streaks. And voila, instant, believable tan! No more pasty face for me.

This goes on smoothly, almost like a lotion, and sinks right in. It can look a little orange at first but fear not, the end result is fresh-from-vacation, not Snooki-fied. If you want to go a bit darker just apply a second coat. And best of all, this washes right off in the shower or with soap and water. It's very non-committal, so you can use this any time of year for a little touch of color or to fill in any tan lines (on your face or even your body - goodbye bikini lines).

Sadly, Benefit has discontinued this product. So ladies, I recommend scouring Ebay and any beauty stores that may still have it on shelves and stock up. And if you have any recommendations for a replacement, I would love to hear them.

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