Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Read My Lips

Lip balm is an absolute essential. If I were to be painfully honest, I keep one in my bag, one in my car, several in my bathroom and sometimes they are strewn about the house like little hidden treasures that I come across every once in a while. I am not by any means loyal to a particular lip balm or treatment. I will try anything new at least once. So when I heard Josie Maran was coming out with an Argan Lip Treatment, I knew I would be adding that to my repertoire.

I may be a one lip treatment woman from now on. This Argan oil infused lip balm is a wonder. It helps to protect and nourish lips and instantly moisturizes better than anything I've used before. While it's an angelic looking pink color in the pot (which by the way is adorable) it goes on clear. A subtle ehancement to your natural coloring. It smells of green apples. It doesn't really taste like much of anything, which is just fine by me.

One swipe and my lips feel moisturized and the feeling lasts a good amount of time before you need to reapply. The Argan Oil is a source of antioxidants, Vitamin E, and fatty acids to aid in soft, supple lips. I have noticed a dramatic difference in the softness of my lips and the texture is much smoother.

The only con is for a lip balm, it's a bit pricey ($20). But it moisturizes, heals and most importantly outlasts a large portion of its cheaper competitors, making it worth every penny. And get ready for this....it's not sticky at all! Hooray for lip balm that is not sticky. I, for one, cannot stand putting on balm or gloss and having my hair instantly stuck to my mouth. You can reapply liberally throughout the day. I really like using it at night right before bed. I feel like my lips are hydrated overnight. Love it.


  1. Plus everyone will want to kiss you when your lips smell like green apples.

  2. ohhh this looks so fancy :)


  3. I have just discovered a great new use for this as well...if you're wearing a matte lip color or something really pigmented and need a little help removing the color, dab a little of this on your lips then rub off gently with a tissue or piece of cotton. The color comes off easily with no irritation!