Tuesday, June 21, 2011

MAKE UP FOR EVER's Aqua Liner lasts forever (well, almost)

It's official, summer is here! Welcome warmer weather, sunshine-y days, skimpy clothing and bright colors. There is one thing I don't look forward to with the warmer weather, and that's my makeup sliding right off my dewy shiny face. Yuck. I want to look breezy and flawless even when it's a million degrees out.

Eye makeup is usually the first casuality of super-sticky, hot weather. Sad. Well, dry those tears (or dab that sweat off) and get yourself a tube (or five) of MAKE UP FOR EVER's Aqua Liner. I don't want to say I'm obsessed with this stuff but let me put it this way: in two weeks I've picked up three of them.

Over the years I've mastered many a beauty trick; liquid liner has always eluded me. I once tried to put liquid liner on and my hand slipped, it went all the way up to my eyebrow in a more vertical manner than anything else. Another time I attempted to put a felt tip liquid liner on the inner rim of my eye- unless you want extreme burning and excessive watering I recommend you don't ever do that. But I've learned from my mistakes, mostly I learned to stay as far away from liquid liner as possible. Sure, I've been tempted by the cat-eye goodness I've seen walk the runways but I'm a bit of a beauty bungle on this matter.

When I saw MUFE had brightly colored, waterproof liners I was willing to give my old nemesis another go. The foam tip gives such control and without much effort you get a precise clean line. While the liquid is still wet you can touch up any mistakes but once it sets... it.is.on.there. This liner is no joke, it's lasted through a hot shower. They said waterproof and boy do they mean it. It comes off easily with makeup remover, though. The Aqua Liners have already become a staple of my summer makeup routine. I'll see you at Sephora, I'll be the one holding eight liners looking very pleased with myself. ($23 at Sephora)


  1. Fantastic!!!!;D


  2. beauty bungle... haha.

  3. Thank you Paola! These are great and so fun for the summer.